Saturday, June 21, 2008

Around the bay

Yesterday I took a ride around San Diego bay with Ivan. We began our ride downtown and went south through National City and Chula Vista. We then rode through Imperial Beach and traveled up the Silver Strand to Coronado. At Coronado we took the ferry back across the bay to downtown and our ride was through. It was a very fun time filled with beautiful views and interesting people. Over the 26 miles we were only passed by one person, and he looked very professional in his USPS outfit. We did fly by a couple of people and even pushed ourselves way too hard when we saw a woman in front of us. After passing her we were both tired and were glad that she did not pass us up. At the pier we met a family who was from Michigan, they were very nice to us. Thankfully they were there because we had to wait 30 minutes for the ferry to come. That evening Audrey and I went to the Padres game with some friends. The game was one of the best ones that we have been too. Audrey was talking trash about my favorite player on the Padres. So ironically while I was at the concession stand he hit a home run. The game was very fun and the Padres finally got a win. All was well. Today is my sister Jennifer's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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