Monday, June 16, 2008

A swarm of bees

On my way home from work today I rode right through a swarm of bees. As I was about to leave base I saw what looked like a ton of mosquitoes flying around. As I approached I heard a buzzing noise, so at 25 mph I had no choice but to duck my head and ride straight through. After hearing several thumps on my helmet and about 100 yards later I stopped to assess the damage. Thankfully I did not get stung; however, I had picked up three hitchhikers along the way. I promptly swatted them off and continued on my way home. I can now say that I have ridden over a rattlesnake and through a swarm of bees. It is amazing the little things you miss when you are driving in your car, I would have never even known those bees where there. I am sure I would be singing a new tune if I had been stung, but for now, nice to see the bees.

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Jen/Dan/BJ said...

at least you are having fun. Bailey was stung by a wasp a while back and is on a mission to kill all stinging insects. He informed me that if he was there they would all be dead, so that they would'nt hurt his Uncle Chris.