Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New equipment

After riding my bicycle to work on and off for the past 6 months I have decided to attempt to ride 3-5 days a week. The ride is 11.4 miles one way and takes me between 40 and 45 mins. Over the last 6 months I have only ridden an average of 2 times per month. I continually made excuses why not to ride into work. Several factors contributed to my so called "reasons" to including: exhaustion after riding 2 days in a row, being on time for school after work, having duty and various other things. I recently read a post on the website ( I use to track my biking mileage that gave me a little wake up call. There were people biking well over 20 miles each way, 5 days a week, even in the snow and rain. This inspired me, in a way, to stop making excuses. As of today I have biked 2 days in a row and not taken a nap afterwards both days, a very phenomenal accomplishment for me (the not napping part). I will continue to do this no matter the physical discomfort, because surely it will get better, and if not I will just age faster than I already am. To ensure that I have even less excuses I purchased a new rack for my bike to include a "trunk", now I can take more stuff with me and storage should not be an excuse either. Tomorrow will be the real test due to the exhaustion I felt climbing up Linda Vista Rd. today. I have never given up on anything that I have totally set my mind to, and I don't think I will start with this. Oh yea, this is not gas or environmentally driven, I just think I could stand to loose a few more pounds and be in a little better shape. Saving on gas will just be a side effect. Gas in San Diego is now $4.36 on base (cheap) and $4.60s everywhere else and that is the cheap stuff. As far as carbon footprints go, I am not at all concerned about that either, in thousands of years people will just be able to date my effect on the earth to millions of years ago.


Becky said...

Good for you Chris! Your heart will thank you. :)
I rode to summer school most days last year. Well, actually, Rachael took me in the morning and I rode home. Even the slight incline going to work was too much for this out of shape grandma.
I almost bought a scooter last week but decided I didn't want to get a motorcycle license so I didn't. I'm thinking about riding nest year on the days I don't have to carry stuff. I should actually walk most days since it only takes 15 minutes if I'm just strolling.

Jen/Dan/BJ said...

you go boy! brave very brave!